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1st Review of 'Walking After Midnight' in Blues In The South

'This is a first class addition to the band's catalogue and is highly recommended.'

Walkin' After Midnight is a song recorded and made a huge hit by Country music star Patsy Cline reaching number two on the country charts and number twelve on the pop charts.  But don't let the label 'Country Music' put you off.  Red Jackson are a band of three guys, deeply rooted in the blues, who are given to playing gigs in regular venues in the BITS area but also state on their web site:  "We are regular Street Performers and proud of it." So keep your eyes peeled - you may find them ANYWHERE. This is their second CD and in one sense, it is more of the same. That is, mostly covers (albeit excellent ones) of other people's work. Here you will find  music originally performed by the likes of  Fred McDowell, Jimmy Reed, Carl Perkins, Jerry McCain, Billy Boy Arnold, Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith and of course Patsy Cline.

But, don't expect clones of the originals; these are individual, sometimes quirky, but always fiery interpretations with real guts. However, only two of the twelve tracks are Red Jackson originals and I for one would like to hear some more of their own stuff.

This is a first class addition to the band's catalogue and is highly recommended.

Ian McKenzie – (editor:  Blues In The South)

Posted by Teej. Submitted Tue 24th Feb 2009 in News